Gilded – New Story

I have a new story up over at Ares Magazine, Gilded:


Bestiary in Wily Writers

"BESTIARY" is just out from Wily Writers. A lonely harvester operator on a remote terraforming project discovers a wild beast that he adopts as a companion, but the relationship isn’t all that it seems. What the editors had to say: We are quite interested in seeing more from Nicholas Oakley, whose story "Bestiary" proved heartbreaking,…Read more Bestiary in Wily Writers


Nicholas Oakley I'm interested in cosmopolitanism, utopia, anarchism, ethics, and global justice, and my reading (and writing) mostly reflects this. Several of my short stories have been published, or are forthcoming, in Interstellar Fiction, Mad Scientist Journal, Andromeda Spaceways, and Ares Magazine. I've also published a novel, with See Sharp Press, and an article in the…Read more About


Novels Villain, Smiling (as Alex Berkman) Association of Autonomous Astronauts | 2015 The Watcher See Sharp Press | 2013 * Short Stories Frisson Interstellar Fiction | September 2012 The Cat-catcher Bestiary: Three Weird Tales | September 2012 The Chattel’s Court | October 2012 Silent Partner Crime Net Anthology | November 2012 Dividend Mad Scientist…Read more Stories

Reading Journal | 2015

# Title Author Completed 1147 Fahrenheit 451 Ray Bradbury 01/01/2015 1148 Everyman Philip Roth 01/01/2015 1149 South of the Border, West of the Sun Haruki Murakami 01/01/2015 1150 Report from the Interior Paul Auster 02/01/2015 1151 Quiet Susan Cain 03/01/2015 1152 Wise Blood Flannery O'Connor 05/01/2015 1153 The Trial Franz Kafka 07/01/2015 1154 Decoded Mai…Read more Reading Journal | 2015

Reading Journal | 2014

# Title Author Completed 1001 Last Night in Twisted River John Irving 02/01/2014 1002 Nova Samuel R. Delany 09/01/2014 1003 Omon Ra Victor Pelevin 11/01/2014 1004 The Star Rover Jack London 13/01/2014 1005 Resurrection Leo Tolstoy 15/01/2014 1006 The Female Man Joanna Russ 16/01/2014 1007 On Writing Stephen King 17/01/2014 1008 Cat's Cradle Kurt Vonnegut…Read more Reading Journal | 2014

Reading Journal | 2013

# Title Author Completed 898 Come Hell or High Water Richard Singer 08/02/2013 899 Tales from the Tao Solala Towler 09/02/2013 900 Taoism: An Essential Guide Eva Wong 11/02/2013 901 The Taoism Reader Thomas Cleary 11/02/2013 902 Tales of the Taoist Immortals Eva Wong 12/02/2013 903 Debt: The Fist 5,000 Years David Graeber 15/02/2013 904…Read more Reading Journal | 2013