Reading Journal | 2017

Books I've read so far in 2017. # Title Author Completed Pages Rating 1464 The Gunslinger Stephen King 01/01/2017 225 5 1465 The Boy Detective Fails Joe Meno 11/01/2017 320 7 1466 Treasure Island!!! Sara Levine 14/01/2017 177 9 1467 Mrs Caliban Rachel Ingalls 14/01/2017 128 3 1468 A Naked Singularity Sergio de la Pava…Read more Reading Journal | 2017


Cleaning up the Journals

A new project this summer. As I start to re-read more and more, I'm keen to go back through the years in search of some good books to rediscover. With this in mind, I'll be going back through my reading journals and cleaning these up, adding page totals, and trying - where I can remember…Read more Cleaning up the Journals