Journal Articles – 2018

March 2018

The Career and Critical Reception of Paul Auster
Stefania Ciocia, Literature Compass, Vol. 9 Issue 10, October 2012, pp. 642-653

Celebrating Sebald
Adam Phillips, Raritan, Vol. 9 Issue 1, 2009, pp.70-87

The Struggle for Climate Justice in a Non-Ideal World
Simon Caney, Midwest Studies in Philosophy, Vol. 40 Issue 1, September 2016, pp. 9-26

Organized Crime and Preventive Justice
Tom Sorell, Ethical Theory and Moral Practice, Vol. 21 Issue 1, February 2018, pp. 137-153

Postmodern Anarchism in the Novels of Usrula K. Le Guin
Lewis Call, SubStance, Vol. 26 Issue 113, 2007, pp. 87-105

Mirror World, Minus World: Glitching Nabokov’s Pale Fire
Andrew Ferguson, Textual Cultures, Vol. 8 No. 1, Spring 2013, pp. 101-116

A Modern Way with the Classic
Frank Kermode, New Literary History, Vol. 5 No. 3, Spring 1974, pp. 415-434

February 2018

Are We Living in a Computer Simulation?
Nick Bostrom, The Philosophical Quarterly, Vol.53 No.211, April 2003, pp.243-255

The Limits of Kant’s Cosmopolitanism: Theory, Practice, and the Crisis in Syria
Matthew C. Altman, Kantian Review, Vol. 22 Issue 2, June 2017, pp. 179-204

Skepticism and Responsibility: Paul Auster’s The Book of Illusions
Thorsten Carstensen, Critique: Studies in Contemporary Fiction, Vol. 58 Issue 4, 2017
pp. 411-425


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