Cleaning up the Journals

A new project this summer.

As I start to re-read more and more, I’m keen to go back through the years in search of some good books to rediscover. With this in mind, I’ll be going back through my reading journals and cleaning these up, adding page totals, and trying – where I can remember – to add a rating. If I don’t remember how good (or bad) a book was, I’ll simply leave the rating as a dash.

I maintain and publish these journals to keep track of what I’ve read, when I read them, and, more recently, note what I liked – mainly for my future self but also for visitors to the site. More and more I’m enjoying using the numbers (books/ pages read/ rating) to keep track of how much I’m reading, when I’m reading, and how much I’m enjoying the books I do read. For instance, I read the most books in November (average of 13), and the least in December (a measly 7). I read (or at least finish) the most books on a Sunday and the least on a Friday. I’ve rated books a 7 (out of 10) the most, and 1 and 10 joint least. Interesting, right?

I’ve also found keeping the journal is a good way to keep me reading through slumps when other things are distracting me, as well as encouraging me to try authors and genres I wouldn’t normally be looking for. There is something very satisfying about looking back and identifying when I first stumbled upon a favourite author or fell in love with a new sub-genre.

The journals – particularly the years 2004-06 and 2010-12 – were mostly imported from other library-hosting sites, and looking back through I can see some transcription errors. In some cases there are books in the journals that I own(ed) but never read – these will be removed.

Inevitably this will mean the totals come down. As of today, 20 July, we’re up to 1,536 – but a bit more accuracy in the numbers is no bad thing. I’ve been keeping this journal in various forms for thirteen years, since I was 18, and I continue to consult and browse it regularly. Spending some time getting it right now makes sense.

Besides, it may mean I can work towards book #1500 again.

Other updates to come:
1. Quercus rubra gallery (finally)
2. A few more stories (maybe)
3. Ebooks to download (perhaps)
4. Hosting a few more essays, similar to this and this.

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