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Reading Journal | 2017

Books I've read so far in 2017. # Title Author Completed Pages Rating 1464 The Gunslinger Stephen King 01/01/2017 225 6 1465 The Boy Detective Fails Joe Meno 11/01/2017 320 7 1466 Treasure Island!!! Sara Levine 14/01/2017 177 8 1467 Mrs Caliban Rachel Ingalls 14/01/2017 128 4 1468 A Naked Singularity Sergio de la Pava…Read more Reading Journal | 2017


Reading Journal | 2016

Books Read: 159 Pages Read: 44,946 Average Pages per Book: 283 Average Rating: 5.6 # Title Author Completed Pages Rating 1305 Cat and Mouse Günter Grass 03/01/2016 135 6 1306 Pierre and Jean Guy de Maupassant 04/01/2016 176 7 1307 Between the World and Me Ta-Nehisi Coates 12/01/2016 102 2 1308 Adam, One Afternoon Italo…Read more Reading Journal | 2016



Frisson, a science fiction short about three thrill-seekers who find themselves adrift thousands of light years from civilization.   Frisson Nicholas P. Oakley   Serge peeled the dust-caked suit off, wriggling his feet free of the skin-tight membrane. He flung it carelessly into the locker, thumbing a button to begin the cleaning cycle. He turned…Read more Frisson



A science fiction short about a disgruntled poet tasked with making a barren world on the outer edge of civilization appeal to the intergalactic tourist.       Haven Nicholas P. Oakley Carek Tullor tugged at his wispy beard and heaved out a sigh. The latest Theok Prime brochure was spread out in all of…Read more Haven


Interview of Zethién M’ro

A science fiction short where a former gild trader, or slaver, is interviewed about his previous involvement in the trafficking trade. //   Interview of Zethién M’ro, Former Slaver (48 A.R.)   Zethién M’ro: I tell this only because I am forced to by the Reconciliation Commission and they have threatened to take my ribbondrive…Read more Interview of Zethién M’ro

Tasty Alien

What if the aliens are tasty?

This story was first published in Andromeda Spaceways Issue #59, in April 2014. Reposted here because it is one of my favourites. What if the aliens are tasty? Nicholas P. Oakley [Extract from the Helo-8 Xenoetiquette Manual, First Contact Guidelines, Vol. IV, ‘Troubleshooting and Less Common First Contact Problems’, Sections 600.1 - 1294.9, Fifteenth Imprint]…Read more What if the aliens are tasty?